Attendee Information

Dear Friends, here in-person and virtually, 

Welcome to Convention 2022! We have weathered so much in isolation and  together since our wonderful convention in Indiana three years ago. My doodle  on the cover depicts my feelings about this journey. It has been rough and  continues to be choppy and uncertain. And in the midst of the raging waters,  there is a dove of peacefulness riding the waves.  

I hope you have been able to find a dove of peace in the storms of your life.  For me, the dove has been the Divine Spirit lifting me up and helping me to  keep my head above water. It has come from sacred readings, intimate prayer,  silent meditation, communication with many of you, and a firm belief that  ultimately all things shall be well, because God is with us.  

We have come through THE YEAR OF PROVIDENCE (2021 – 2022),  which offers us the assurance of Purpose: 

  • the universe makes sense, and we have a special, angelic purpose
  • the laws of Providence are Love and Wisdom at work for us
  • our call to “choose life” and become who we (really) are 

We are moving into THE YEAR OF REGENERATION (2022 – 2023),  which offers us the way of Change: 

  • spiritual life is intentional, committed, relational 
  • the journey of transformation & the second birth 
  • the work of repenting, reforming & regenerating 

I believe the Swedenborgian Church of North America is also riding the  storms and will be better for it. It has also been my Dove and will continue to  be so. 

With love, and I hope wisdom, and thank you all for caring and attending this Convention in 2022. 

—Rev. Jane Siebert

Frequently Asked Questions

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