Virtual Attendee Information

Welcome to Convention 2022! We are excited you will be joining us virtually for Convention 2022: The Tree of Life into the Garden

Frequently Asked Questions

 To help you with this new platform we have put together several Frequently Asked Questions. If after reading it, you don’t see the answer to your question you can contact us using the help form found at If you are having trouble during the program and need help right away, you can call 1-866-285-0498.

 Virtual meetings for the Council of Ministers will be conducted on June 23 and 24. General Council will have the 2022 Convention meeting on June 25.

The 2022 Convention will open the evening of Saturday, June 25 with the Opening of Convention at 7:00PM PT which will be available to watch online. There will be online programing every day, with the Mini Course on Tuesday June 28 at 1:15PM – 2:30PM PT as the last virtual event available to participate in. Please check the schedule for details about the programming and to join. 

Registration is open April 15 – June 13. Make sure to register in order to participate in Virtual Convention events. If you need assistance you can contact the Swedenborgian Church Central Office during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, from 10AM to 2PM ET. Payment can be made either with a credit card or by mailing a check to Central Office.

If you are attending the Convention virtually  you must register by JUNE 13 at 11:59PM ET.  

Please note: All ADULTS PAY A REGISTRATION FEE including General  Council and Council of Ministers.

Virtual Attendees pay a $50 registration fee.

 The business meetings will be hosted as Zoom meetings and you will use a password to access them. Just click the “join” button located in the description of each event on the schedule page. You will be able to make comments that are submitted into the record. If you are a delegate you will be voting using the same system that we used in 2021, NemoVote. Information about NemoVote will be sent to you in a separate email.

Many of the worship services, the Keynote, and some of the Mini Courses will be live streamed as well. To view them, go to their link on the schedule page and the “join” button will take you directly to where they are hosted.

After registration closes on June 13 you will receive an email with the password information. You will also be asked at this time to choose which Mini Courses you expect to attend.

Many of us have had to be flexible with virtual programming and we recognize that we may need to contact all of the participants with information or changes. If that is the case we will email you to the email address you provided, and we will ALSO update the front page of the Convention Registration website with any important information before, during, and after the event.

Yes. The Worship Services and the Keynote Speaker will be broadcast onto our Facebook page at, and live streamed on our YouTube Channel at Videos will also be posted to YouTube afterwards.

If you are a delegate, you will be using NemoVote to vote as in 2021. It is a separate voting service and requires you to have a separate registration with their service. You will get a separate email from NemoVote. You will go to your account on NemoVote to make your choices and submit your votes.

NemoVote Quick Guide

To log in:

  • Go to
    • Or Follow the link you received in your email
  • Type in your username (your email address) and password (included in the activation email)
  • Click “Login”

To vote:

  • NemoVote homepage should be the current votes available to you
    • If not, click “My Votes” in the upper left
  • Click the blue ballot box icon in the “Actions” column to open your ballot
  • Follow the screen prompts to make your voting selections
  • Votes CANNOT be redone so double check your selections carefully
  • Click “Submit Vote” and follow prompt instructions
  • Make sure you complete all the votes. There will be a second page of votes for elections.

Having Trouble? Here are some tips!

Website doesn’t work?

What is my username or password?

  • Locate the activation email from NemoVote
  • Your email address will work as your username as well
  • Password is randomly generated and in the activation email, UNLESS you have already logged in and reset it.

Can’t find the activation email?

Username and password don’t work?

  • Check for typos. Both are case sensitive and may have spaces.
  • Check if Caps Lock is on
  • Randomly generated passwords often contain similar characters like l, i, and L. 
  • Copy and pasting works best 
  • Try a different web browser or device
  • If you reset your password manually, or asked that for it to be reset, the emailed password will no longer be valid.
  • Use this form to request help

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot that we can do to directly improve your internet connection, but there are things that you can do at home to get the most out of the internet you already have. 

    1. If you can, try moving closer to your wireless router, plugging in directly to the modem is best!
    2. Try using a computer if you can, rather than a tablet or phone.
    3. Please turn off your video and close any programs that are running on your device at the same time
    4. Make sure that no one else is using the internet in your home. That includes watching TV with Netflix and using the wifi on your phone. The more devices that are connected to your network the slower it runs.
    5. Close and relaunch your browser.
    6. Try using a different browser instead (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc).
    7. If all else fails try closing your device/computer down, turn it off and then turn it back on again.