Even though we will be holding an in-person convention, voting will be done online this year using the online voting service NemoVote. We hope that by including both virtual and in-person delegates we can the best representation possible from our ministries. Every delegate must also register in order to attend the business meetings and vote. The Associations will be working with their membership to choose delegates for the 2023 Convention. If you have questions about that process please contact your Association Representatives.

If you are on the Council of Ministers and are in good standing you can also register to be a delegate. Please indicate that you plan to be a delegate when you register. If you have not already registered as a COM Delegate and would like to, please email Central Office at manager@swedenborg.org for more information.

If you are a delegate and have specific questions about NemoVote, please contact Central Office at manager@swedenborg.org.

Business Meetings will be held as a hybrid meeting, allowing participants to attend both in-person and virtually. There will be an opportunity for Q & A and nominations from the floor before voting.