In-Person Attendee Information

We are so excited to be meeting again in person. Here is everything you’ll need to know if you’re planning to join us in Long Beach, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions please read these Frequently Asked Questions. If after reading it, you don’t see the answer to your question you can contact us using the help form.

COVID-19 Policies

California State University, Long Beach current campus policy: All group leaders and visitors are required to be immunized against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. As part of the University’s immunization policy, all participants are required to receive a booster shot prior to arrival, if eligible. Those who are ineligible for a booster are those who fall within 5 months after the second dose in a two-shot series, (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines), or two months after the J&J/Janssen vaccine. All participants arriving on campus that are fully vaccinated, must show a negative PCR test taken at least 72 hours prior to arrival.

Vaccine Card: You must submit an electronic copy of your vaccine card when you register online. If you are having trouble uploading the picture of the card you can email it to EVERY REGISTRATION MUST HAVE EVIDENCE OF FULL VACCINATION AND BOOSTERS. If you fail to submit photo evidence of your card before May 13 then your reservation will be cancelled.

Testing on arrival: When you check in at the dormitories (if you are staying on campus) or when you check-in to get your registration materials (if you are commuting) you must produce a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival. If you are unable to get a PCR test in time you will need to take a rapid test when you check in.

COVID-19 testing information for those who are 4 years old or younger: We are hopeful that there will be a vaccine for those 4 and under soon. If that happens we will make sure to check in with the University and see if they have updated their policies. Currently it is not possible for a child under 5 to be fully vaccinated. The University policy at this time for those who are unable to be vaccinated is: they must show a negative PCR test taken at least 48 hours prior to arrival on campus and must take a rapid test each morning that they are on campus before participating in any activity and in our service center. Please bring these rapid tests with you. They will be numbered for each day that you are here. The test taken must match the day they are testing and be given in front of the Operations Manager. You will need to coordinate a time and place with them each morning. Upon completion of the Convention, the CSULB staff will be given a completed list. Thank you for understanding.

If you test positive for COVID-19 while at Convention: We want to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone that attends Convention. Unfortunately, COVID is still with us and those that test positive while at Convention will be able to isolate in campus housing until the end of the Convention. If you need to stay past when Convention ends, you will be charged the nightly Room and Board rate for the additional days. Payment will be made to The Swedenborgian Church of North America, not CSULB, for these additional costs at the conclusion of your isolation. Testing positive may also affect your ability to fly home in a timely manner. You should take these risks into consideration when you are booking your flights and considering what the appropriate travel insurance might be for your trip.

Registering (Costs and Important Dates)

California State University Long Beach (CSULB), in Long Beach, CA. You can view the university’s website at (This is not a CSULB-affiliated event.)

The Council of Ministers will arrive on Wednesday, June 22 beginning with an evening reception that night after dinner. Council of Ministers meetings will be Thursday, June 23, and Friday, June 24. General Council will arrive on Friday, June 24 and meet in the morning on Saturday, June 25. Other attendees will arrive on Saturday, June 25 and convention officially opens that evening with worship and keynote speaker, Dr. Rebecca Esterson. Convention closes after SCYL worship service and Appreciation Event on June 28, with Wednesday June 29 as a travel day. General Council will have an early morning meeting on June 29.

Check-in at the Parkside Service Center located at 1601 Earl Warren Dr., Long Beach, CA 90815. Check-in time is after 2PM. If you are going to arrive before then please contact Central Office and we will have a place for your luggage to be stored. You can not check into your room early. If you are going to check in after 5PM please inform the Central Office so we can ensure you get your Convention Materials when you arrive. Check-out for everyone is on June 29 before 2:30PM at the service center.

Registration will be online, available on our website. If you are unable to register online you can call Central Office, Monday through Friday, from 10AM to 2PM ET for help and to walk through the process. Payment can be made with a credit card at the time of registration or by mailing a check to Central Office, 50 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

In order to stay on campus, eat in the campus dining commons, and take part in the outings, you must register by MAY 13 at 5PM ET, no exceptions. If you are attending Convention virtually, you must register by JUNE 13 at 11:59PM ET.

All room and board reservations must also be paid in full by MAY 20, or they will incur a $50 late fee.  

Yes. You can find currency converters online at sites like and to figure out the correct exchange rate. Using a credit card and/or PayPal is preferred, because your account will be charged in US dollars.

Reservations canceled prior to MAY 13 are fully refundable. Cancellations must be done by calling the Central Office directly during normal business hours at 617-969-4240 (10AM–2PM ET, M–F).  If you are unable to attend due to a medical emergency, please contact Central Office at and we will consider each case individually. 

Please note: All ADULTS PAY A REGISTRATION FEE including General Council and Council of Ministers. If you are a local volunteer, then you only have to pay $30 to attend the rest of Convention. If you are only coming to volunteer and are not coming to any additional events, then you do not need to pay a registration fee. This year, the registration cost for everyone 18 and under is free (this does not include Room and Board). These fees cover meeting rooms, breaks, the outings, etc.

  • Adult in-person $100 
  • Youth League (13–18) Free 
  • Child (0–12) Free 
  • Volunteer $30 
  • One day commuter $50 
  • Virtual Attendees $50

Rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and may fill up before the end of the registration period. If you do not sign up for room and board before the end of the registration period, unfortunately you will not be able to stay on campus. Room and Board Packages: Note: All rooms will be double occupancy, unless a single is requested. An additional fee will apply. If you are receiving a subsidy, the additional cost of a single room (or double suite when applicable) will be at your own cost. Double suites cost $30 more a night, while singles cost $35 more a night.

If an infant (age 0–2) stays in a parent’s room, but does not use a campus bed (using your own portable crib), then the cost for their room rate is free. If they use a campus bed, they will cost the same as the youth rate on page 7, which is 1/2 the adult’s rate. There is a limit of one infant per adult room.

Your first meal will be dinner on arrival day, and your last meal will be lunch on departure day. If you arrive later than your scheduled check-in date and time, or depart before your scheduled check-out date and time, you will not receive a refund for any unused room nights or meals. For overnight stays or meals that don’t fit the listed packages, contact the Central Office at Dinner on June 27 will be at Wayfarers Chapel. If you do not attend the outing, you can still dine at the dining hall that evening.

REGULAR CONVENTION  Sat. June 25–Wed. June 29 (four nights): 
Sat. June 25–Wed. June 29 (four nights):
$360 per person/double room. Includes 4 nights of lodging, 4 dinners, 4 lunches, 4 breakfasts, and June 27 and June 28 outings.

GENERAL COUNCIL/LAY MEMBERS  Fri. June 24–Wed. June 29 (five nights): 
Fri. June 24–Wed. June 29 (five nights):
$450 per person/double room. Includes 5 nights of lodging, 5 dinners, 5 lunches, 5 breakfasts, and June 27 and June 28 outings.

COUNCIL OF MINISTERS/LICENSED PASTORS  Wed. June 22–Wed. June 29 (seven nights): 
Wed. June 22–Wed. June 29 (seven nights):
$630 per person/double room. Includes 7 nights of lodging, 7 dinners, 7 lunches, 7 breakfasts, and June 27 and June 28 outings.

A CSULB we will be staying in newly built housing. In addition to the standard single room and double rooms with a shared bathroom in the hallway, there are also premium rooms called “double suites.” These are double rooms that share a common area and bathroom. So you would share a small living space and bathroom between four people sleeping in two rooms. These rooms have an additional cost of $30 per person, per night, are limited, and will be assigned by Central Office. If you would like to be considered for a double suite, please indicate as much on your registration. Once registration is closed and if you are assigned to a double suite, you will be asked to pay the additional fee associated with it. Only people who indicate that they are interested in a double suite will be eligible to stay in one. The additional cost of a double room to a double suite is: 4 nights-$120, 5 nights-$150, 7 nights-$210.

Singles are available at an additional $35 per person, per night and will still share a common bathroom with the doubles. If you are receiving a subsidy, you will be responsible for the additional expense. The additional cost will be: 4 nights-$140, 5 nights-$175, 7 nights-$245.

No, the meals and lodging are a package from CSULB.

If you are staying off campus, you will be asked to pay for your meals with your own credit card. If you are a member of COM, a Licensed Pastor who commuted in for the COM meetings, or you are a lay member of the General Council who is commuting to Convention, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the meals on campus with a receipt. In addition, 50% of all meals purchased on campus for children will also be reimbursed with a receipt. Please save your receipts and submit them to Central Office at once the convention is over.

  • Breakfast: $6.63 per meal, per person
  • Lunch: $8.08 per meal, per person
  • Dinner: $9.51 per meal, per person

Food, Lodging, and Campus Information

Service Center

Parkside North, our dormitory, has a central service center operated by student staff called Conference Assistants. Conference Assistants oversee check-in/out process, lost keys, lockouts, troubleshooting, and other related services. Conference Assistants also enforce housing policies and conduct room condition reports before and after each stay.

The Parkside service center’s phone number is 562-985-4990. Its hours are 8:00AM–10:00PM and it is located at 1601 Earl Warren Dr., Long Beach, CA 90815. If you need help after hours, you can call 562-340-9306 or 562-340-9303.

Check-in and check-out is at the Parkside Service Center. Earliest check-in time is 2:00PM, check-out time is 2:30PM. Each guest will receive a key-card upon check-in that must be returned at check-out. Replacement for a lost key-card is $25 even if it is found later. If you do not check-out with the Parkside Service Center there is an additional $15 improper vacate fee. You will be responsible for these fees.

Parkside North dormitory

We will be staying at Parkside North dormitory. Accommodations are double occupancy rooms, with the rooms sharing a bathroom/shower room in the hallway. Linens (bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and toilet paper) are included with your room and The Garden Church will be providing laundry soap for those who need it. You must bring your own towel, shampoo/conditioner, and body soap.

Parkside North is a four-story building. The building is air conditioned and has 3 elevators. There are 3 shared kitchens (located on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor) for residents to use as well as multiple study lounges, gaming room, and living rooms on each floor. Parkside North also has two courtyards and a roof top terrace. The laundry facility and multipurpose room is located on the first floor. CSULB has created a video tour of the facility on YouTube that can be viewed here:

Laundry machines are available for use at each residence hall by downloading WASH-Connect, a smartphone app, and loading the app with money. Laundry cards can also be bought as an alternative by using a credit/debit card. Laundry card terminals are located in Parkside’s room. A wash cycle is $1 and a dry cycle is $0.50.

Rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and may fill up before the end of the registration period. If you do not sign-up for room and board (or make other arrangements with the Central Office) before the end of the registration period, you will unfortunately not be able to stay on campus.

Food and Dining

We will be eating at the dining hall that is located at Parkside. For those attendees who will be staying in the dormitories, dining is included with your Room and Board fee. Room keys are used for dining hall access. It is an all you can eat with 1-entry (no in and out privileges). Backpacks, purses, or bags are not permitted in the dining hall at any time.

Commuters will need to pay for their meals with a credit card. If you are a member of COM, a Licensed Pastor who commuted in for the COM meetings, or you are a lay member of the General Council who is commuting to Convention, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the meals on campus with a receipt. In addition, 50% of all meals purchased on campus for children will also be reimbursed with a receipt. Please save your receipts and submit them to Central Office at once the convention is over.

  • Breakfast: $6.63 per meal, per person
  • Lunch: $8.08 per meal, per person
  • Dinner: $9.51 per meal, per person

Dining Hours:

Breakfast: 7:00AM–8:30AM
Lunch: 11:30AM–1:30PM
Dinner: 5:00PM–7:00PM

Hallway Bathrooms

Both doubles and singles share a communal hallway bathroom. None of the bathrooms are gendered. The communal bathrooms include toilets and showers with stalls and floor to ceiling doors, as well as a single bathroom to use if it is more convenient for you. We will do our best to arrange the rooms around bathrooms that serve people with similar needs, but can not make any guarantees. The double suites have their own bathroom that is shared between the two double rooms (four people).

We recommend bringing your own hangers and extension cords  for your rooms if you need them. If you may need extra pillows or blankets you should plan to bring them. You  must bring a towel and toiletries. Our outings are outside, so please bring sunscreen and bug spray for your own  use. Even though we are in southern California, you should bring a sweater or light jacket as the ocean breezes  can get cool in the evening. 

You can mail items to the Wayfarer’s Chapel ahead of time to: Attn: Rev. Dan Burchett, Wayfarers Chapel West, 6118 Palos Verdes Drive S., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275. Please clearly mark who the package is from. Please also email so that we know to keep an eye out for it.

Contact the conference assistant using the service center number. They are not intended to provide hotel like services to overnight guests.

WiFi access is available. Password will be provided upon arrival. You must agree to comply with the university’s internet usage policies to use their network.

Unfortunately, there are no public computers  that available for use. Please bring your own if needed. There is a FedEX Print and Ship Center a 15 minute walk  from where we are staying at 1800 Palo Verde Ave., Long Beach, CA 90815. 

Email and tell us how many chairs you will need, approximately how much table space (6-foot tables) you will need, and inform us if you will need electrical hookups. Tables are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be able to set-up your tables on Saturday, June 25 between 3:00PM–5:00PM or Sunday, June 26 before 11:30AM. Display hours will be Saturday, June 25 9:00PM–10:00PM, Sunday, June 26 between 11:30AM–1:30PM and 3:30PM–5:30PM, Monday, June 27 between 10:45AM–1:30PM, Tuesday, June 28 between 1:00AM–12:00PM. Please note, you are responsible for breaking down your table and removing all items that afternoon. Anything left into the evening will be thrown out that night.

Long Beach is known as a waterfront playground full of  activities—the Aquarium of the Pacific, whale watching on the water, shopping, tours of coastal breweries, and excellent restaurants.

Special Needs

Please be sure to indicate that you have mobility issues if you are staying on campus. The campus does not provide wheelchairs, scooters, etc. If you wish to park in the lot nearest to the dorms, you must bring your handicapped placard. 

If you wish to rent a wheelchair or power scooter, you must make your own arrangements. The best delivery address for a wheelchair or scooter rental is your dorm (contact the Central Office at for details). You must be prepared to accept your own delivery and arrange your own pickup; we cannot provide convention staff or university staff to assist in this process. 

Please relay all special dietary needs on your  registration form. The university will do its best to accommodate you, but may not be able to meet every need. A vegetarian option will be prepared for every meal. 

Children and Teens

All children and teens (18 and under) who stay in the dormitory or who obtain meals in the cafeteria as a commuter will be charged 1/2 of the adult price. If you have an infant (age 0–2) for whom you are providing a sleeping cot, their Room and Board are free. The 1/2 price for children will be applied to your registration if they are staying at Parkside North, and the 1/2 cost for food for commuting children and youth will be reimbursed to you after convention once you submit your receipts to Central Office. There is a travel scholarship fund for children 2–12, of 1/2 of the flight’s cost, up to $300/child. Please email for more information. For information on SCYL (age 12–18) travel scholarships please contact the Youth Director Kurt Fekete at

This is the cost breakdown for children needing a bed. Please add $15 a night for double-suites: 

REGULAR CONVENTION  Sat. June 25–Wed. June 29 (four nights): 

$180 per child/double room. Includes 4 nights of lodging, 4 dinners, 4 lunches, 4 breakfasts, and June 27 and June 28 outings.

GENERAL COUNCIL/LAY MEMBERS  Fri. June 24–Wed. June 29 (five nights): 

$225 per child/double room. Includes 5 nights of lodging, 5 dinners, 5 lunches, 5 breakfasts, and June 27 and June 28 outings. 

COUNCIL OF MINISTERS/LICENSED PASTORS  Wed. June 22–Wed. June 29 (seven nights): 

$315 per child/double room. Includes 7 nights of lodging, 7 dinners, 7 lunches, 7 breakfasts, and June 27 and June 28 outings.

The Youth League program is for youth ages 13 through 18. The program is supervised by Kurt Fekete.

The Convention sponsor program allows teens aged 13–17 to attend Convention without parents. An adult sponsor must be named at time of registration who will attend Convention and agree to perform certain duties and take responsibility for the minor in place of the parent. Please name this sponsor in the “additional information” section of the registration form. The sponsor will be asked to co-sign an acknowledgement of this responsibility with the guardians of the youth after the youth has registered. Please notify Convention of any medications, allergies, or special needs when signing your teen up. Children under the age of 13 cannot attend Convention without a parent or legal guardian. Minors traveling by plane alone may be subject to certain fees or policies; please check with your airline(s).

There will be a Children’s Program for children ages 5–12 supervised by responsible caregivers/leaders during the following hours: Sun. June 26: 9AM–12PM, 1PM–5PM; Mon. June 27: 9AM–12PM, 1PM–3PM; Tues. June 28: 9AM–12PM and 1PM–2:30PM. Children will eat all meals with their parents. Please note that children under five cannot be signed up for childcare during regular Convention. The university does not provide cots, cribs, playpens, etc. so you should be prepared to bring your own. Childcare will be available for the children of ministers and Licensed Pastors on Thur. June 23 and Fri. June 24 (during their COM meeting times). Contact Central Office for more information and to sign-up for this service.

Travel Information

We recommend that you fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  The drive should be between 30 and 90 minutes depending on traffic and time of day.


We recommend a few different ways to get to the University. One way would be to use Uber or Lyft which is estimated to be about $50+/– (est. time 30 minutes to 90 minutes) each way from LAX. Although these prices  and times may fluctuate based on the day and time that you are traveling. Uber and Lyft is an app that can be  downloaded to your smartphone. In addition, there are usually taxis at each airport that cost $100-$150+/–.

We recommend contacting other attendees to share your arrival and departure times to and from Convention to pool your resources and take an Uber/Lyft/Taxi together. If you would like your information shared with other attendees please email with your details by June 13. 

Car Rental 

Another option would be to work with others to rent a vehicle to get to and from Convention (similar drive times to Uber/Lyft listed above, please add in time for rental process).  

Shuttles and Public Transportation 

There are a variety of private airport shuttles, busses, and trams that you can take as well. You must make these reservations on your own and information can be found easily on the web. When looking into transportation the address of the Parkside Service Center where you will be checking in is 1601 Earl Warren Dr., Long Beach, CA  90815.  

June 29 Return Trip to Airports 

Please arrange for your own transportation back for your return trip.  

Please send your travel information to to be added to the “ride share”  spreadsheet by June 13, which will be sent out to everyone on the list to coordinate travel with others from  the airports.  

If you will be arriving outside of the Check-In hours after booking your travel, please notify Central Office  by no later than June 13. 

Uber, Lyft, Coach USA, rental car, and taxi services are available. There is also Long Beach Transit that provides service with a bus or water taxi and a light rail Metro  Link. You can find transportation resources for Long Beach, CA here: trip/transportation/ 

Parkside Service Center is located at 1601 Earl Warren Dr., Long Beach, CA 90815 

Specific driving directions to the campus can be located here: 

Parking costs $12 a day everywhere on the campus, and you can purchase tickets from a parking kiosk when you park. There is also a parking pass that is available for $45 which allows you to park for the month of June that would need to be ordered ahead of time. If you would like a parking pass, please indicate that on your registration and it will be added to your invoice.

When You Get to Campus

Attendees who will be staying on campus should proceed directly to Parkside Service Center between 2PM and 6PM on the day of their arrival to receive their room keys. The Parkside Service Center’s phone number is 562-985-4990. Its hours are 8:00AM–10:00PM and it is located at 1601 Earl Warren Dr., Long Beach, CA 90815.

Everyone, including those who will be staying off campus, should go to The Pointe conference center (located in the Walter Pyramid) between 3PM–5PM on Saturday, June 25 to get registration packets, name tags, etc. If you are arriving outside of check-in hours, please notify Central Office by June 13.

All of our meetings and Mini Courses will be held at The Pointe conference center located under the Walter Pyramid, which is a short walk from Parkside North. Most meetings will be held in the Pacific Sunset Room. In-person Mini Courses will be held in the Pacific Sunset Room and Summit Room. All of our meals will be served in the Parkside Dining Hall adjacent to the dormitory.

Voting Information

If you are a delegate you will be using NemoVote to vote and you will be sent a voter registration email after registration closes. It is a separate voting service and requires you to have a separate registration with their service. You will go to your account on NemoVote to make your choices and submit your votes. If you are attending in-person you can use a smart phone to vote. If you do not have a smart phone we will have a device available for you to use. There will also be someone available to help you if you are having difficulties with the system.

To log in:

  • Go to
    • Or Follow the link you received in your email
  • Type in your username (your email address) and password (included in the activation email)
  • Click “Login” 

To vote:

  • NemoVote homepage should be the current votes available to you
  • If not, click “My Votes” in the upper left
  • Click the blue ballot box icon in the “Actions” column to open your ballot
  • Follow the screen prompts to make your voting selections
  • Votes CANNOT be redone so double check your selections carefully
  • Click “Submit Vote” and follow prompt instructions
  • Make sure you complete all the votes. There will be a second page of votes for elections.

What is my username or password?

  • Locate the activation email from NemoVote
  • Your email address will work as your username as well
  • Password is randomly generated and in the activation email, UNLESS you have already logged in and reset it.

Can’t find the activation email?

  • Search your email with the keyword “Nemovote” (one word)
  • Check Spam, Trash, and Promotions folders

Username and password don’t work?

  • Check for typos. Both are case sensitive and may have spaces.
  • Check if Caps Lock is on
  • Randomly generated passwords often contain similar characters like 1, i, and L.
  • Copy and pasting works best
  • Try a different web browser or device
  • If you reset your password manually, the emailed password will no longer be valid.

Other Policies

Children: Residence halls are designed for adult usage and the facilities are not childproof. Parents or chaperones take full responsibility for the safety and supervision of their children at all times. The university will not be able to provide cots, cribs, playpens, etc. Please plan to bring your own.

If you are caught violating site’s alcohol or tobacco policies, the University may remove you from campus. You will not receive a refund if this happens.

Smoking: CSULB is a completely “Tobacco-Free” campus. All forms of tobacco use, including e-cigarettes and
smokeless tobacco, are prohibited on University grounds.

Alcohol: The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is prohibited anywhere
in or around residence halls.

Display Room

This will be located in the gallery sized hallway in the Pointe conference center where all the meetings will be held. (See page 12 for The Pointe’s layout) Please email if you would like a table by no later than June 1st. You will be able to set up your tables on Saturday, June 25 between 3:00PM–5:00PM or Sunday, June 26 before 11:30AM. Tables will remain set-up throughout Convention and may be manned during the following times:

Saturday, June 25 from 9:00PM–10:00PM 

Sunday, June 26 from 11:30AM–1:30PM and 3:30PM–5:30PM 

Monday June 27 from 10:45AM–1:30PM 

Tuesday, June 28 from 11:00AM–12:00PM* 

*You must breakdown your table by 3PM on Tuesday, June 28. We are boarding the buses for the outing at  3PM. Anything left over that evening will be thrown away. You are responsible for your own table.

Choir Rehearsals

General Convention Choral

“Enter into Divine presence with a joyful song!” (Psalm 100:2) You are joyfully invited to join the 2022 General Convention Choir under the direction of Laurie Turley. There will be three rehearsals, as we prepare several music selections for worship services. If you like to sing, bring your talent and enthusiasm, so that together we can help Convention attendees enter more fully into Divine presence. Please let Laurie know ahead of time if you would like to join the choir at, or just show up at one of the rehearsals. You can view the schedule to find out the place and times for Choir rehearsals.

Contact Information

How can I contact Central Office staff at Convention? The denomination’s Operations Manager may be reached via email anytime at or by calling (617) 969-4240.