Social Rooms and Fun

Social Rooms and FunI want to turn your attention to our Social Events happening every evening during Convention. On both Friday and Saturday Night we will be hosting a Zoom meeting for social activities. The password for this is: SCNA2021   

· At the end of each organized activity you are welcomed to participate in evening meditation that will take place in the same Zoom room, to close out your day. 
· On Sunday, June 27th, after Convention has closed, we will open up a Zoom Room welcome to everyone. This will be unstructured and is meant to be a place and time for us to come together with our friends who we may not have seen in some time. 
· All Zoom Rooms can be joined by going to the 2021Convention website Schedule page here:

Events Being Broadcast to Facebook

The following events will also be broadcast to Facebook. Please note that we will NOT be monitoring the “Chat” on Facebook. If you are having trouble joining the webinar for some reason (or if you just prefer the interface), you can watch these events here at their scheduled times:

· Friday June 25, 5:50pm ET – Gathering music by Rev. Dr. David Fekete, followed by a welcome from our president and ministries throughout North America, finding some good in the midst of the pandemic
· Friday June 25, 7:00pm ET – Opening Worship Service Hosted by the New Jerusalem Church in Bridgewater, MA (attached to this email is the Bulletin for Opening Worship at Convention which can also be found here)
· Saturday June 26, 11:50am – Gathering Music by Ken Turley followed by a Memorial Service and Virtual Communion hosted by the Elmwood New Church.
· Saturday June 26, 12:40pm ET – Keynote Speaker, Gary Lachman. (Please note, in order to submit your questions to the Q&A you will have to be logged into the event. Questions will not be taken from Facebook).
· Sunday June 27, 12:00pm ET – Convention Worship Service with Children’s Talk hosted by the Swedenborg Chapel in Cambridge, MA
· Sunday June 27, 7:00pm ET - Virtual Outing, Invitation for Next Year’s Convention, and the Closing of Convention. We will close with music from Ian Woofenden and Lisa Grace.

What If I Need Help?

What if you need help during Convention?

·       If you need help please use our Contact button on the website
·       If you cannot get online at all and need to speak to someone on the phone please call 1(866) 285-0498
·       If you scroll down to the bottom of the Attendee Info Section you will see a list of FAQs. You may find the answer to your question there.
·       If there is a delay or Convention wide change please come back to this page for any announcements.

How to join events

How do I join an event during Convention?

Please go to our interactive schedule page and click on the event description. There you will find a blue button prompting you to enter a password. All registered attendees should now have the password. If you have registered for Convention but did not get the password email please use the contact form on the website to request the password. 

Thank you!